From February 21 to 25, the 16th edition of Tanzplattform Deutschland presented ten particularly noteworthy dance and performance productions from Germany. Accompanying panels and discursive formats highlighted and discussed different perspectives of dance makers from Germany and around the world.

Guest authors Rachel Oidtmann and Kathleen Heil accompanied the festival and present insights into the events on and off the stage. As part of a cooperation between the Tanzbüro Berlin’s review portal tanzschreiber and the organizers of Tanzplattform Deutschland 2024 (dance division of Theater Freiburg), their articles will appear on tanzschreiber.de and tanzplattform2024.de

Festival day 1, February 21, 2024

Dancing in the dark times (Kathleen Heil) | Festivaleröffnung in Freiburg (Rachel Oidtmann)

Festival day 2, February 22, 2024

Repair? (Kathleen Heil) | Beklemmung und Befreiung (Rachel Oidtmann)

Festival day 3, February 23, 2024

missed+connections (Kathleen Heil) | Accidental pleasures (Kathleen Heil)

Festival day 4, February 24, 2024

Who cares who sees it (Rachel Oidtmann)

Festival day 5, February 25, 2024

Dance On! (Rachel Oidtmann)