About Us

Tanzbüro Berlin was founded in 2005 as a central institution for the Berlin dance scene and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Tanzbüro Berlin sees its mission in strengthening the Berlin dance scene and in networking national and international dance actors and institutions.

  • Tanzbüro Berlin initiates and supports projects to improve the training and production conditions of the independent dance scene.
    Tanzbüro Berlin promotes communication between the dance scene and cultural policy.
  • Tanzbüro Berlin organizes consulting seminars and information talks for dance and theatre professionals.
  • Tanzbüro Berlin works together with cooperation partners such as the TanzRaumBerlin network.
  • Tanzbüro Berlin is dedicated to the mediation of dance.
  • the magazine tanzraumberlin is published, which presents texts and dates to the dance happening in Berlin.
  • The TanzRaumBerlin website is operated as an information and contact portal.
  • Tanzbüro Berlin offers the tanzcard, the discount card for dance events in Berlin and Potsdam.

Further information on the individual projects of Tanzbüro Berlin can be found at www.tanzraumberlin.de.

The online review portal tanzschreiber was developed within the frame of “Attention Dance I”. Over a period of 1.5 years 128 texts on the Berlin dance scene were published by an alternating team of dance journalists. As a very successful instrument in times of a (cultural) media landscape that is becoming more and more cut back, the tanzschreiber highlighted the aesthetic and conceptual diversity of dance in high-quality texts and made them accessible to both professionals and laypeople alike. The aim is to continue the tanzschreiber module within the framework of “Attention Dance II”, and to expand the portal conceptually at the same time. There are now also English-speaking journalists* as well as translations into German and English, selected festivals will be accompanied, networking with local and supra-regional structures will be sought, and last but not least, the portal will be accompanied by a series of events to expand passive reading through an active exchange on critical writing practice, the development of dance/cultural journalism and the relationship between art and criticism.

tanzschreiber is a module of “Attention Dance II”, a project of Tanzbüro Berlin, supported by Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. and funded for 2018-2021 by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe Berlin.